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How do I clean my Caesarstone Surface?

clomid from india, clomid from india, clomid from india, clomid from india, clomid from india, clomid from india. Caesarstone requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new. For everyday, routine cleaning of Caesarstone we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a damp cloth. For tougher stains you may use Caesarstone cream cleanser or CIF mix with water and clean in small circular motion.

What can Caesarstone surfaces be used for?

Caesarstone is highly versatile and can be used for almost any interior applications such as kitchen counter tops, backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, wall panelling, flooring, stairs, customised furnitures and more.

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How many looks can I choose from?

Caesarstone surfaces come in a myriad of colours and designs across four spectacular collections: ai???

ai???Classico ai??i?? The Classic Colour Collection
Our classic colour collection ranges from salt-and-pepper motifs to vivid colour blends, ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Classico colours are available in three different finishes: Polished; Honed (matte or non-glossy) and Viento (textured).

ai???Motivo ai??i?? The Patterned Textured Collection
Our collection of visually captivating textured quartz surfaces is based on a patented manufacturing process that composes an embossed 3D effect ai??i?? adding an intriguing tactile element to every design concept. We offer four stunning designs ai??i?? delicate lace in brilliant white or black, and crocodile black or white for a daring, dramatic and exotic style, braids and stripes. All styles can be used to create a cool and urban look, or a fresh and elegant one ai??i?? the choice is yours.

ai???Supremo ai??i?? The One of a Kind Collection
Mirroring natureai??i??s endless diversity, each of the 8 exceptionally designed premium surfaces has its very own spectacular flow of colour and pattern. Some of the styles are even translucent and can be backlit to create a soft, atmospheric effect.

ai???Concetto – The Semi-Precious Stones Collection
Comprised of individually cut and bound semi-precious stones, and available in 20 exquisite colours, this inspiring handcrafted collection gives your interiors the wow factor youai??i??re after. For even greater impact, some of the designs have a natural translucency which can be backlit to create a truly inspirational atmosphere.

What should I do if I chip my Caesarstone?

As Caesarstone is an engineered product, Caesarstone quartz aggregates and colour matched adhesives will allow us to repair minor chips on edges. Whilst these types of repairs will never be completely invisible we will endeavor to provide you with the best match possible. To schedule an appointment or to obtain a quotation, please contact us. buy levitra safely from canada, buy levitra safely from canada, buy levitra safely from canada, buy levitra safely from canada, buy levitra safely from canada, buy levitra safely from canada.

Can Caesarstone be used as flooring?

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Whilst some customers have opted to use Caesarstone as flooring, this type of application is not covered by the Caesarstone 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Can Caesarstone be used in a bathroom?

Yes. Non ai??i?? porous, waterproof and mould and mildew resistance makes Caesarstone ideal for bathroom applications. Large slabs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimizing joins and therefore maintenance.

Can Caesarstone be used in food preparation areas?

Yes. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous and are perfectly suited for kitchen areas, or wherever food is prepared, as they greatly reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Caesarstone surfaces are free of mold and bacteria. Endorsed by the Public Health and Safety Company (NSF) in accordance with international NSF 51 sanitary standards, Caesarstone surfaces are industry approved for installation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more.

How do I maintain the polish on my Caesarstone work top?

Due to Caesarstoneai??i??s high density and non-porous qualities, normal cleaning with a damp cloth will keep your Caesarstone surface looking like the first day it was installed. To avoid dulling the surface’s shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner or for further detailed information on cleaning please refer to theCaesarstone Care & Maintenance Guidelines.

How durable is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is resistant to all kinds of cracks, chips, scratches and stains. However, like most materials, excessive force, high point loads, pressure or heat may cause damage to the surface. Like all surface materials Caesarstone should be treated with care.

Can I cut on my Caesarstone bench top?

Caesarstone is composed of up to 95% natural quartz, providing it with superior hardness and strength. We always recommend using a cutting board to prevent damage to the surface, or dulling the knives.

Does Caesarstone withstand heat?

Caesarstone is heat resistant and is not affected by temperatures lower than 100Ai??C (212Ai??F). However, like all stone material, Caesarstone can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, we always recommend that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on the surface but onto a heat trivet or wooden chopping board especially when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots, or roaster ovens.

Do I need to apply a sealer to Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces?

No. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous, and you will never have to use a sealer or any other kind of wax.

Can Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces be used outdoors?


We do not recommend the use of Caesarstone products externally. Whilst some customers have opted to install Caesarstone in outdoor applications, external applications are not covered by our 10 Year Limited Warranty. Caesarstone has not been approved for prolonged UV ray exposure settings.